Sara Burke

I am an associate professor in social psychology at Syracuse University. I study intergroup bias—stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, and experiences of stigma.

My research focuses on variations in the way bias operates depending on the groups it targets, and one of my central goals is expanding the scientific knowledge base to better account for underexamined targets of bias. For example, some of my studies about perceptions of biracial and bisexual people indicate that dismissive reactions to the very concept of a group can help explain prejudice. These results might have been difficult to predict based on traditionally studied groups alone. The Research section of this website describes some of my interests and findings in more detail.

In carrying out my research program, I emphasize projects led by graduate students. I recruit students who are passionate about expanding the horizons of intergroup bias research, and the heterogeneity of their interests serves my goal of diversifying psychology's approach to studying bias. For more information about my research group and student collaborators, check out the Intergroup Bias Lab at Syracuse University.

I regularly seek opportunities to learn and teach statistics, both formally and informally. I see my theoretical interest in underexamined groups and my methodological interest in judicious application of statistical methods as intertwined with my commitment to quality and clarity of evidence. The Statistics section of this website contains a collection of examples and explanations I have found useful in teaching statistics.

Here is a recent version of my curriculum vitae [pdf].